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All Skills Camp

NVVA’s Summer All Skills Camp offers boys and girls 3rd grade through 12th grade of any skill level the opportunity to learn, build, and refine the skills of setting, hitting, and serve/receive. Volleyball skills will be the focus of the morning portion, 9 am to 12 pm Monday through Thursday. Options for the camp consist of a full day to include both the All Skills and Genome portions, or a half-day with just the All Skills portion.  Elementary School aged camps (New Stars) are PM half-day camps only.

LYV Summer Assessment Prep

The LYV Prep program prepares players for the Loudoun Youth Volleyball teams that begin play in the fall. The emphasis is on good technique and sound skill development. As players become more adept, the drills become more game-like and include all the elements of exciting, fast-paced play. Coaches move the players as their skills dictate, providing faster-paced drills for more advanced players and additional instruction for less-skilled players. 


NVVA Plus is a program created to help athletes speed up their learning process. This membership program provides athletes and their families access to our facility the Virginia Volleyball Center, exclusive prices on our private lessons, classes and workshops with our top coaches. 

Summer Galaxy

The Galaxy League program was established for boys and girls 3rd through 12th. Players are chosen based on athletic and skill testing, then placed on a team with participants of similar testing scores and age. Use the Summer Galaxy season to warm up for LYV!

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