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  • What is LYV?
    Loudoun Youth Volleyball (LYV) is a recreational volleyball league serving girls and boys in grades 3-12 who reside in Loudoun County, VA. LYV runs from the end of August through the beginning of November. LYV is a division of the Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA) and has been Loudoun's premier volleyball recreational league since 1997. LYV is affiliated with Loudoun County’s Parks, Recreation, and Community Services (PRCS). Girls in grades 3-8 are placed on teams based on their age and skill level from the group of players at the middle school they attend. High School age players are placed on teams that are established with balance, competitiveness, and geographic convenience in mind. All LYV Girls teams will practice in Loudoun County schools. Boys in grades 3-8 are placed on teams based on skill level first and then, if appropriate, by where they live to maintain maximum convenience. Wherever possible, practices will remain in close proximity to the participant’s school. High School age players are placed on teams that are established with balance and competitiveness in mind. All LYV Boys teams will practice in Loudoun County schools. The goal of Loudoun Youth Volleyball is to provide boys and girls with the opportunity to play and enjoy volleyball in a competitive yet safe and fun environment. LYV's philosophies are to build individual, systems, and situational volleyball skills, encourage players to have fun playing volleyball, and creating life-long volleyball players. LYV coaches help players become the best players they want to be, challenge players to want to learn and grow, and teach players skills that will make them better at volleyball, sports, and life. Based on this philosophy, we encourage all those interested, regardless of experience and ability, to join our program and play on our teams. If you don't know how to play, WE WILL TEACH YOU! There are no tryouts, just a one-time skills assessment and ALL those who register are placed on a team. We promote maximizing ball "touches" as the best way for players to master volleyball skills, and participating in competitive league matches as the best way to learn and enjoy the game.
  • What is the age and experience range for the LYV program?
    LYV is excited to open the sport of volleyball to children in the 3rd grade through 12th grade. Children in these grades are welcome to play, even if they have never played before. Athletes of all ages and skill levels will be placed on a team provided we have enough coaches.
  • Do participants have to try out for a team?
    LYV is a recreational league where every participant makes a team provided we can recruit enough coaches. There are no "cuts". LYV does divide its middle school girls participants by skill level, so those players wishing to be considered for the higher skilled Open teams should look at the Skills Assessments as a tryout.
  • How do I register my child?
    Find the location that is closest to you on the homepage of this site. Follow the prompts on the page and register for your assessment. If you are new to NVVA, you will be guided through setting up a parent profile as well as a profile for your child. You will need to select your preferred practice location to be registered for the appropriate assessment session. Continue through the guided process. If you have questions, you can reach out to
  • What happens if I am out of town during assessments?
    If your family is out of town, and your athlete can not make the assessment date, you must schedule a small group assessment ahead of time. Teams begin to form as soon as the initial assessment has concluded, and spots are limited. It is best to attend the original assessment as your athlete can not be guaranteed a specific team if they miss the original assessment date. If your child can not attend their scheduled assessment, they must schedule a separate assessment ahead of time for a separate $25 fee.
  • Are walk in registrants accepted for LYV?
    No. It is important that you register your athlete in advance for assessments. This allows our coaches and facility staff to be ready for your athlete and provide them the best experience.
  • Can my child join the league if she attends a private school or are home schooled?
    Athletes who attend private school, are homeschooled, or live outside of Loudoun County can consider the following options for participating in LYV: Option 1 - Find the practice location closest to you and select it during the registration process. Option 2 - Sign up for our Virginia Volleyball Center location where all practices and games are held in our state-of-the-art volleyball training facility (extra fees apply) Option 3 - Gather 8-14 interested athletes and create your own team! We will place you in a practice location that has an opening for private school teams. (the team must have their own coach / adult representative who can attend ALL practices and matches)
  • Can my child and her friend be on the same team? We need to carpool.
    We construct our teams based on the ability level of each athlete. While your daughter and her friend may want to be on the same team, their skill levels may necessitate different teams. Due to the size of the program, and our desire to make volleyball accessible for all young athletes, we try, but can not guarantee the ability to accommodate all carpooling requests. Assessment scores are taken into consideration first.
  • What if my child has another weekly commitment, and she can not attend both of the scheduled practices for the team?
    If your child can not attend practices, please speak to the coach of that team.
  • My son wants to play volleyball. Are there boys teams in the LYV League?
    Yes! LYV offers Boys teams for Middle and High School ages and Co-ed elementary school teams. We also offer the ability to register a full team at once. If you are registering your son as a free agent, or individual athlete, you will follow this registration process: click the link to register, then chose the "my child" option, select your son's school, and have him attend the specified assessment. If you are registering as a team, you will chose the option "register myself as a representative". You will register yourself and the members of your boys team. Please note that game structure for boys will depend on how many boys teams are formed. Our goal is to have boys teams play other boys teams. In the past, however, we have had to schedule some boys teams to play against girls teams if we did not have enough boys teams in a division. Again, we have every expectation of having enough boys teams to play, but please keep in mind this could be a possibility.
  • I have a whole group of athletes who want to play together. Can they?
    The LYV League allows for full team registration in all of our divisions without restriction except for the Middle School Girls division. Any team choosing to register in our Middle School Girls division must be 100% comprised of private school, homeschooled, or non-Loudoun county athletes. Proof will be required prior to the acceptance of the team's registration. If you register as a team, you do not need to attend assessments. You have already placed the athletes on your team. Each team registered must have an adult supervisor who has completed a background check and the Safe Sport Training. This adult does not have to be a coach, but athletes who come to the LYV League as a team will not be provided a coach.
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