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Stone Hill-BLACK


Middle School





8 Weeks

About the team

BLACK level teams are for highly skilled players who must try out for a spot on the team. These participants have played multiple seasons of volleyball, possibly including club volleyball, and are proficient in both the skills and strategic aspects of the game. This level focuses on fine-tuning existing basic skills of passing, setting, hitting, and serving while incorporating advanced techniques and strategies to help athletes compete at a faster pace.

All players for the BLACK division are required to tryout for the team.

For athletes who want to ensure they play in LYV regardless of whether they qualify for their BLACK division team, please read the following instructions:

1.  Register for the Red division team at the practice location/school you are planning to tryout for.

2.  Once you complete your team registration, Return to the LYV REGISTRATION PAGE and select the BLACK division Tryout you want to attend (the BLACK division practice location should match the RED division practice location to prevent trying out for the wrong team)

3. After completing your tryout registration, log into your LeagueApps account to view your tryout date and time.  ALL tryouts are held at the Virginia Volleyball Center in Sterling, VA.

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